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Long Low Wall Inflatables

long low wall inflatable The Battlefield Inflatable Long Low Wall is great, especially for creating the interesting twists and turns in mazes.

Low walls are best for creating depth in the battlefield.

Many real-life barricades are low walls so it is an ideal emplacement behind which to position your troops. This gaming inflatables is as long as a high wall, but just 1.2m high. So it is perfect for a garden wall or traffic barrier.

Pattern shown here (see right foreground) is Red brick without bullet holes and then with bullet holes (bottom right).

Long low walls are designed to connect to a inflatable building for stability.

These inflatables are able to be used either indoors or outdoors. In fact you can set up your urban battlefield in a tennis court or basketball court. 

This is best for team building at corporate hotels. As the hotel campus may not have a suitable forest area.

Raving Fans

WOW! We opened our business with our first soccer tournament this weekend. We were the hit of the show. Everyone who played was a raving fan. The equipment is awesome and many said 'we were the highlight of the tournament'. Thanks to you, for all your hard work and partnership to get us going. Thanks again.
Patrick, United Kingdom


long low wall and L Shape Long low wall and L-shape. Click on the image to get a closer look

long wall inflatable

Set up the inflatables on a tennis court. long low wall Click on the image for a closer look